What is Maven?
Maven is a service that does your shopping for you. Need to buy something? Just tell us and we will find it for you. So now you don't have to sit for hours searching for products.

Why do I need Maven?
Do you find yourself spending hours looking for the right product when shopping online? Do you delay buying things you need, because you are too busy or too tired to search through ecommerce sites? Have you ever been confused between two or more similar products? Have you ever felt clueless about where to shop a particular thing? Have you ever needed help while buying products for others like gifts? If you answered 'yes' to any of these, then Maven can help you out.

How does Maven work?
To use Maven, all you have to do is : tell us what you are looking for. Then you can go back to your work. Maven will find the most appropriate expert to handle your request. Then your expert will ping you back with product suggestions. You can take a look at the suggestions when it is comfortable for you. If you like the products, you can click on 'buy' button and our expert will order it for you. If you want other options, you can talk with the expert about what you liked or disliked about the product, your tastes and preferences so that the expert can come back with better suggestions. So you can continue with your important work while your product is being searched for by an expert.

How do I place a request?
To begin, you can either send us a message on our facebook page or you can send us your request on our site.

Why does it ask me to log into facebook messenger?
We are currently available on the facebook messenger platform. You can chat with experts, get product recommendtions and also buy what you like in the same chat. You just need to login once. After that, you can chat with us as easily as you chat with your friends on facebook.

How do I track my orders on Maven?
We will keep you updated about the product and its delivery after the purchase. However, you can always track it by simply sending us a text on the chat and we will promptly respond.

How do I return products purchased on Maven?
If you dislike any of the products, simply let us know in the chat. We will arrange for the return of the product and refund of the purchase amount. During any purchase, the experts will inform you of the return policy for that item.

Can I trust the experts? Or are they only promoting stuff?
We don’t have any exclusive promotion partnerships with any retailers. So you can rest assured that you are getting unbiased recommendations.

Do I have to pay for the service?
No. The service is absolutely free for you.
It means the product will cost you the same, whether you buy yourself or use our service to buy it. So why spend hours searching for the product when our experts can find it for you at no extra cost?

What is their incentive? Why is the service free?
The experts get an affiliate commission only if you buy a product. It means that our experts work extra hard to make only the best recommendations for you.