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Are you insanely passionate about fashion, beauty, home decor, electronics or gifting products? Do you often recommend people on what to buy or what to wear? What if you could make money sharing this knowledge and expertise?

Join our creative Community of Experts - stylists, decorators, and tastemakers, and get paid for sharing your passion. Plug in when you want, where you want — you’ll be your own boss and do what you love.

What is Maven?
Maven is a platform that connects Product Experts with Clients. On Chat. Experts help clients shop for the best in fashion, electronics, beauty, home decor, gifting etc.

How does Maven work?
Maven is built of a community of experts from different domains- fashion, home decor, electronics, gifting, etc.

A customer places a request on the platform (Facebook Messenger). Maven routes it to the most appropriate expert available at that time. The expert can then take up the request and chat with the customer, understand the requirements and suggest appropriate products. 

Making product suggestions is simple. You just have to take the product’s URL from the ecommerce site (Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, etc) and submit it to the expert dashboard. It will be added as an interactive card on the customer’s chat, through which the client can purchase the item.

What does it mean to be an expert on Maven?
An expert on Maven is someone with extensive knowledge about the various consumer products and marketplaces for a category of products. She knows what products are ideal for specific needs and tastes of customers, and where to find them at the best deals. She has an exquisite taste in these products and loves to share her passion and help others find the products they will love.

What do I need to be an expert on Maven?
Apart from the knowledge and an exquisite taste in products, you need only a decent laptop with good internet connectivity. 

How do I become an expert on Maven?
Please fill the form on the Join our Experts page. You may also send us a mail at We will get in touch with you. After a trial and screening process, you will soon join our Expert community. You will have to go through a brief on-boarding process to get used to the platform and the Expert tools.

How many hours a week do I need to be on Maven?
You can be on Maven for 4-5 hours a day or more as per your comfort.

You can choose continuous hours or break it into a few hours in the day and the rest in the night, as is suitable for you. This makes it easy for experts to carry on with their usual work-life and also help customers on Maven seamlessly.

However, you need to inform us about the schedule that you choose beforehand. It will enable us to route the suitable requests at those hours directly to you.

Some experts find it lucrative enough to have Maven as a full-time job. If you want to work for longer hours because it gets you more requests, let us know and we can reschedule your hours accordingly.

What is the payment structure?
The payment is purely commission based. You get paid a commission on every successful recommendation that the customer purchases. No other payment structures at this point of time. So, the more products you sell, the more you get paid.

The commissions vary from site to site depending on their ongoing offers. We will send you an updated sheet of the commission structure for all the sites, everyday. This will keep you informed, whenever you want it.

Every expert is given an expert ID during onboarding. Using that ID, all of your recommendations are noted and you can always track your successful ones. The commissions will be paid out at the end of each month.

We have Affiliate partnerships with 70 ecommerce sites currently. Here is an example list of a few sites and their commission structures, to give you an idea. Percentage based structures are calculated on top of the sale price of the products sold. The sites with flat commission structures pay the given amount for any product sold on their site.

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